Monday , January 27 2020
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The 4D Herring shad

The original Herring shad based on a scan of a real Herring, now in new baby sizes too! Great rolling and flanking action, scented photo chrome colors.

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  1. P'tit Guitariste YTB

    Beautiful Pike !!!!

  2. Уральский рыбак

    Ja Pike bare vild med sådan Seledin!

    Tak for dine produkter !! Dette er et mesterværk !!!

  3. Hier j’ai pris 2 brochets de 60cm et avec le SAVAGE GEAR 3D LB ROACH PADDLE TAIL 10cm 👌🏼✅🔥🎣

  4. Make it in 7.5 cm for perch and trout.

  5. Awesome!

  6. 4D Tench, pleeeaseee…

  7. I just love All the gear from you and the danish pike goes savage, i love when topwarter is good All the fun action it gives keep up the good work 👍😀

  8. ✌️🤗👍Great Stichou👌

  9. Rhein Räuber Tv by Izy Perch


  10. Got all my lures stolen on me a week ago nightmare

  11. 6A Elias Dimes Achiam LilleVaerloeseSkole

    please make a line thru fruck mine keep getting destryed

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