Wednesday , November 13 2019
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The New Nash Titan Bivvy Range

Everything you need to know about the new range of Titans.

The video features the details and upgrades we have put on all the Titans, as well as the individual differences between the TC, TC Pro, T1 and T2!

For more information on each one visit the website

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  1. Angling Adventures UK

    I'm very childish….. I laughed like a drain when you said quick erection!

    Titans look awesome though! Need to get me one of those!

  2. michael mcquiggan

    looks great music to slit your wrists too

  3. Perfection itself, would love to have one, great editing by the way!

  4. Finally a vid showing them all been searching for ages to find one in english. Looks amazing was going to go for another brand but seen this is being released in january so i already pre ordered the T2 with wrap cant wait for it to be delivered. Any info on when you will be supplying stockists.

  5. Had the previous model, sold it. What a shiti idea !

  6. i would love one of these but its going to a be a while before i can afford one.Looks like another year or 2 getting dripped on in my old one lol

  7. nash titan is strong as f.. as all nash tackle never let me down 🎣 well done nash 👍

  8. Can't wait to get my t1 I've got on preorder

  9. 👀 t1 you are mine


    интересное видео,палец вверх и поддержка.

  11. For the mobile angler a featherweight 9.5kg…….haha 😂 alrighty then….

  12. nice

  13. titan pro on route to me now… seen this & had to get it

  14. To me it looks like a tempest by trakker this doesn't look as good as the old titan I don't think

  15. Looks good but the poles bend way to easy ends up out of shape ?

  16. Is there plenty of room for the wank mags ?

  17. 👍👍The perfect bivy, love it!!

  18. i got one the TC pro and I must say brilliant bivvy takes second to put up and plenty of room inside I'm a big bloke aswelll

  19. Hello Ive got a nash ss5 emperor sleep system and now i dont know witch titan to choose from tc pro or t1 I am a session carper and i fish on my own so the t2 is not an option The tc also not because i hate condensation and i need the mesh windows Greetz 😎✌🏻

  20. Can the inner mesh be left inside on dismantle like the double top?

  21. helloanyone experience with a tc model i am thinking about buying one what are your peoples thougts about this particuler model

  22. very good editing,thumbs up

  23. Product is excellent THANKS westmoor Farm fisheries caistor for stocking

  24. The build and Outer skin perfect.Inner pod is a crap why did you design the pods mesh door to only zips to the bottom only? So you have to roll it up and faf about tucking it into a velcro roll.Also if your zipped up at night you have to zip both sides down or your not getting out you door. For a £700 bivvy you dropped the ball big time… 1/10 for pod door design

  25. Titan t1 is the best bivvy I've ever owned and I've tried most. But this is impressive as you'd expect from nash. Best bivvys they've ever done.

  26. Most beautiful shelter for carp fishing!!!

  27. If I wanna buy a 2 man bivvy and the main essentials how much would it cost roughly ?

  28. In the MeToo age a quick erection and tension straps could prove problematic

  29. £600?! yeah, you know what you can do with that, all 9.5kg of it!

  30. I'd make love to that even in the day😘😍

  31. Its all about fishing in nice places , that urban venue looked crap , why bother

  32. It is like a folded umbrella so easy to spread or erect. How about it be demonstrated in a winter condition.

  33. Евгений Воронин

    That Bivvy looks like spider. So you better call it Spider Bivvy :)

  34. Ok bear grills

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