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Top 5 Pike fishing Lure

Just a quick run down of my most trusted pike fishing lures, feel free to leave your top 5 lures in the comment section!

Westin mike the pike – https://www.thelurebox.co.uk/collections/westin-lures-uk/products/westin-mike-the-pike

Westin percy the perch – https://www.thelurebox.co.uk/collections/westin-lures-uk/products/westin-percy-the-perch-200mm-8

SG line thru trout – https://www.thelurebox.co.uk/collections/savage-gear/products/savage-gear-3d-line-thru-trout-20cm

Rapala shad rap – https://www.fishingmegastore.com/rapala-super-shad-rap-floating-lure~19340.html

Westin shad teez –


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  1. yess new vid. usefull video( hope so;)

  2. My top 5:

    5. Follow me
    4. DAM (Dutch Company) swimbait
    3. 3D Duck
    2. Triple screamin devil
    1. BBZ 1-Jr.

  3. good job DBfishing I think that maybe I am going To buy one lure thanks for showing me lures!!!! 😀

  4. Awesome vid bro. I got myself a line thru trout after Christmas! Got a new shimano Catana spinning reel today so I am almost ready to have another good go at getting a pike!

  5. savagegear hybrid pike savagegear hard ell savagegear 19 cm 4 play line threw roach and line threw trout

  6. Bought a Percy the perch and caught on its first outing another one I use is swimpike and salmo roach lure

  7. fishing and hunting

    you going to be doing some sea fishing

  8. I see Westin Danny The Duck in the back! Lure challenge confirmed?

  9. My top lures Albino line thru trout 20cm, Line thru roach in roach colour, Percy the perch in bling, Mike the pike in pike colour and rapala jointed shad rap in fire tiger. Good job Dan keep the vids coming mate !!

  10. MY top 5: Spro pike fighter 11cm, Spro pike fighter 14.5 cm, Buster jerk,, line thru roaching trout, & Mike the pike!

  11. Hey man nice vid! My favs are spinnerbaits, live suckers, spoons, and swimbaits 😀

  12. I dare you to post this in the comments of TAF's top three pike lures and see if your head stays on your shoulders

    • Angry Hobo haha why?

    • DB Fishing Nothing I suggested some lures etc as they said the best pike lure was a Big S so yeah I mentioned some of my favourites on and then I got a series of angry comments from firstly Mike then Graeme saying he had 50 years of experiance and then (sarcastically) said that of course i know better… it made me a bit annoyed because they got angry at me because there isnt a right or wrong answer (which is true as I'm sure you'll agree) but then told me that I was wrong… Plus they say they're too busy to reply to comments but as soon as you put something that disagrees with them or suggest something new you get shut down and ridiculed by them personally and then an army of fans… I really loved them until that point, then I reallised that they don't have a nice open comments system etc

    • Iamyouonlydifferent

      Thomas Morris "iv got 50 years experience"
      Uses a normal float rod , massive reel and mono for lure fishing ?

    • They did the exact same thing to me! There ae many skellintons in their closets.

  13. Savage gear 4play are my favorite lures

  14. like naughty bloody children on here so funny I love it. Nice lures buddy maybe on a par with Mr Pullen 😎

  15. Nice vid again mate! Just ordered the 20cm mike. Did the stinger effect the swim action much?

  16. Awesome video again

  17. why on earth do anglers still use huge trebles.i use one single hook/ have caught hundreds of predators pike to 26lb and perch to over 4lb.. hooks out in seconds.

    • Robert Reading I've been thinking about doing this. Does it effect the hook up rate much? Trebles are pretty brutal.

    • one single hook? these are big lures and need at least two hooks, one hook workds fine for live baiting, deadbaiting but lures of this size really need two hooks . one front and one back. Alot of people use trebles becuase in soft lures you can use one hook to hold into the plastic, this isnt possible with one hook. unless you use something like a double hook to have a baitholder. single hooks obvious can be used on the pin rigs and where the trebles are dangling. its a good point though, ive used lures with trebles and singles and i dont find theres any hook up ratio diffrence tbh, i guess lures just come with trebles so people are used to treble size and know what they needto buy its familiarity i guess. I always use all barbless hooks, especially trebles i find the big gauge barbed trebles and just harsh. Thin gauge barbless, easy unhook and little damage tbh even if deep hooked just slide out. do you use singles wth ur lures? like 20cm+ lures?

    • Because that's what they're sold with.

  18. Hey DB fishing you should try a 1/4 or a 1/2 oz pink jig head with a white mr.twister i slam pike all day with that set up

  19. mirage81alpsray

    Thanks for displaying your opinion on Pike Lures mate, but why don't you take off that hat?? Your obviously sweating – or are you that nervous? I got distracted all the time by it 😉 tight lines

  20. What sort of weight are them lures?

  21. Carter's and katies channel portis

    where did you get the first pike spinner

  22. Korneliusz Oreluk


  23. savage gear hi brid pike SG line true pike SG 4play SG line true trout SG duck

  24. Top 5: 1. Westin Shadteez 22cm. 2. Sallmo Slider 12cm 3. Savage Gear 4play 19cm 4. SPRO BBZ jr. 5. Westin Hypoteez 25 cm.

  25. What did u think of your old HTO Ventura reel?

  26. Hey bro! have you used the 17cm mike the pike?

  27. Try use the Westin platapus

  28. Please do more fishing huge fan

  29. can you do an updated version of this please? New to lure fishing in general and my rivers are packed with pike

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