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Topwater pike fishing with the Savage Gear 3D Bat! UK Lure Fishing

Well guys, finally the savage gear 3D bat lure has arrived! I’ve been very excited to try this lure out since the photos of it got leaked a few months ago. This video was filmed over about 4 short (2-3 hour) sessions. The lure worked a a lot better than I had expected it to and I had a good time fishing with it, Hope you enjoy!
equipment –
Abu garcia Promax combo
Daiwa J-braid 58lbs
80lbs berkley triline fluorocarbon leader

savage gear 3D bat, 10cm, 28g – brown


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  1. Really A BAT and have you fish a place called Beverly beck

  2. what the f*ck. crazy lure…!

  3. Lure Fishing Lloydie

    Whats the braid diameter mate?


    what is the leeder you use mate looks like a thick flurocarbon


    similar to the whopper plopper

  6. Евгений Фёдоров

    Отличное видео

  7. What rod are you using ?

  8. Savage gear are kinda taking the biscuit with their lure prices recently, it's like buying a designer label, you're paying more for the brand. I wouldn't wanna lose a £25 lure, would be howling.

  9. Nice mate today down my local I was dead baiting for pike, something huge took it nearly snapped my 3lb test curve rod. Honestly my rod was in double I couldn't get it to the surface stayed on the bottom don't have a clue what it was though.

  10. That's a good looking place for my boat and along the tree line trolling would be killer

  11. loved the video, absolutely brilliant footage of the takes.

  12. do you really trust those fluoro leaders mate? ive been looking at geting some 80lb berkley trilene fluoro and making some leader but im very worried about using fluoro. I mean i normally use solid steel which is cheap , im thinking of using some knot2kinky 100lb, a little expensive but i know its 100%. fluoro is like in the midde price range, but im just not very confident with it, never used it for pike. i would use like 150lb if i could get ahold of some, but 80lb berkley is easy to find on ebay lol. That bat thing is crazy rofl, savage gear are producing some wierd lures , you should try out the fruck mate! great vid!

    • kieran I got mine off eBay from the UK and u don't knot 150 fluro yeah crimp it like normal wire traces or titanium trace

    • kieran for line thru roach or trout only use fluro in 20cm trout or bigger and 25cm Roach or 32 cm if yeah use it on small ones action is bad

    • kieran you can knot 80lb berkley without issue. I haven't tried 150lb though

    • kieran sorry I should say I use palomar knot but kanalgratis use the grinner knot. I tried the grinner but found it a little too fiddly

    • kieran i have been using 80lb flouro for years and never been bitten off. In fact i caught a mid double while dropshotting last week on 7lb flouro. I use a two turn uni knot for flouro and its never let me down. If you watch DB's videos be always runs his fingers down his leader after every fish

  13. Hey uhm I have a question, Where is your leader made out of? And Where did you buy it? It was something like 80lb MF or FC right? Cheers from the netherlands👍🏼

  14. Can you do a video on how to hold pike properly personally I know how but seems there's to many people going pike fishing who don't Evan if it only helps one person could save a few fingers 😂

  15. It's a jitterbug on steroids. I have another lure similar to this by jackel called a pompadour. I herd the smaller versions have aluminum wings and the larger has stainless steal wings. Pretty pricy at $25. Nice fish though.

  16. Alexander Lundström

    What kind of rod are you using ?

  17. Hope your dads ok mate after slipping on lock other day

  18. vlThatsATriangleBtw

    20 euro god damn

  19. vlThatsATriangleBtw

    Would you not be scared to lose the lure as your not using a wire trace? Savage

  20. Sh#t Now i need one……..

  21. is this N– M___ D__? i didnt know you could lure ish there.
    how much is a ticket?

  22. Does anyone know o any good uk lure angling forums?

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