Monday , November 19 2018
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Tough day lure fishing for pike

Short video from a session we had back in February, tough fishing conditions on a water that we are un familiar with but we stuck at it and managed a couple of pike in the end. Sorry about the wind noise, its poo I know.


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  1. great vid

  2. nice spot mate.Great work.

  3. Heavy Baits Fishing

    I know where it is 🙂 Heard about some big fish there, but never catch any. Only small ones.
    Nice video

    • haha yeah we have seen some big ones following and seen photos of the big ones but never caught any, biggest i've had is 11lbs from there, cheers

  4. Northern Bassing Ontario

    nice video!

  5. A lot of small pike would indicate that there aren't actually that many big pike. I guess you were due a slow day after your sickening recent luck :p

    • theres plenty of big pike I just can't catch them haha, this was actually filmed before the last few videos, I just never uploaded it haha, cheers

  6. Pike seasons over

  7. Hi, Love your videos! Quick question, what rod/reel are you using?

  8. christian breumsoe

    nice video ! I am close to buying a savage gear MPP 8 feet spinning rod and I am in between the 90g and the 150g casting weight. The lures I will be casting will mainly be from 45 grams to 90 grams. Do you think the MPP 150g would be too stiff when casting 50 gram lures and not sensitive when feeling a bite ? Thanks in advance !! 🙂

  9. I’m looking for an all round lure rod I can catch pike,mackerel,pollock,and trout on. Any suggestions? Btw it needs to be a spinning rod and under £40.00

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