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Ultra light jigging for perch on the river!

just a river session jigging for perch with ultra light lure. the first time i’ve targeted perch in a while so it was nice to get out chasing them again!
lures used –
eco gear grass minnow 2 inch, pink and white
1.5gram jig head size 6 hook


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equipment I use –
heavy casting pike rod –
baitcaster reel –
braid –
light pike rod (7’2 version) –
reel (size c-40) –
braid – mustad thor braid 40lbs (hard to find now)
light perch rod – savage gear light range 7ft 0.5 -7g casting weight
reel –
braid (20lbs) –
leader –
Camera equipment –
gopro –
mic –
Dslr camera –
Mic –
case –

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  1. 2-12 or 0-5 lrf?? i have a really big discount near me on 0-5 but idk about buying it

    • at least i think ill buy a lrf savage gear 0-5 🙂 if i can get the discount i want.. been waiting for my pro max combo for 2 1/2 months

  2. I got some fox micro jigs 3 ounce and the 4 cm fox rage micro tiddlers and will a 4 hook be ok? great vid btw!

    • 3 Gram jig heads? should be okay, the micro tiddlers are awesome little lures, one of my favourite ultra lights. should work with the size four hook too, cheers!

    • Lol! Ye 3 gram heads! Don't know what I was thinking! They came today and fit pretty good! Can't wait to take em out on the weekend! Thx for response!

  3. London Predator Angler

    …..A POUND???? LOOOOL…..

    • I get pounds and ounces confused sometimes;) haha no seriously i just don't know what im doing half the time, when I watch my footage back I just think to my self what the frig am I talking about haha

    • London Predator Angler

      it was funny! but its all in jess! I do the same fella! lol 😉

  4. London Predator Angler

    ……2 POUND????? LOOOOOOL

    • John Kramme like I said John it wasn't that I wasn't being realistic intentionally it's just I don't know what I'm doing haha

    • London Predator Angler

      I was meaning  my comment as a jokey way! DB know that john, yeah the weights where totally out but its all abit of fun fella!

  5. Another good vid! Inspired me to go on a perch hunt for my next trip out!

  6. not kidding about the weights, 😉
    actually think your under guessing the weight of some of your jacks tbh…👍 nice vlog

  7. Nice when you can get s school of perch together. That makes for a good trip.

    • yeah it does, took me a hour to find them though, fished every peg on the river and this is the only one that i caught more than one out of haha

    • DB Fishing it's the same for me here I will catch big loner perch and find some smaller ones in groups of 2 or 3. In the big lakes like Erie though you can find shoals that are enormous 1000 or more fish in one shoal. Tight lines

  8. hi man look at this lures A.H.P.L silly style lures can you get them where your from

    • just had a look at them, they look awesome! don't think i can get them where i'm from though, I don't think I could afford to buy them if i could anyway haha, cheers

  9. nice live baits hahaha

  10. You wouldn't be a proper fisherman if you didn't embellish the weights!! 😂 great video mate

  11. Hey mate! What camera are you using when recording your fishing?

  12. Mindaugas Brokorius

    bad day for perch

  13. The Crazyoutdoorsmen

    Good luck to everyone and congratulations for 1000 sbs

  14. I know fishing Channels don't like giving out locations but me and my dad are struggling for pike in our local area. And I was wondering if u could say what part of Yorkshire or whatever you are in or if u know any good locations for the sly buggers. And I know I sound a bit needy but all our local areas are bust. Totally get it if u don't want to say btw 😀should we check angling magazines? Will they help?

  15. what braid you using on a light setup mate 🙂

  16. yeah you over estimated weight,just halve what you think.

  17. is it ok to put them in the lock?

  18. Martin Raunkjær

    Hold the fish in the mouth like a bass mate.
    you are handling them like a bar of soap 🙂

  19. You were right Dan you need to weigh a few fish mate to get your estimates on track.Ha Ha

  20. I use the same weighing principal but don't include video evidence so no one knows 😇

  21. Great vid pal, certainly can't beat finding a good spot with a shoal. Thanks for sharing. Subbed 👍

  22. I caught my first perch (on a jig) in the coventry canal today and i couldnt stop thinking its mainly down to your vids. So thank you

  23. What rod and jig head are you using?

  24. What is that pink jig called please they look very good

  25. instead of weighing fish why not measure the length. This is quick, does no harm to fish (can even be done with fish still in water). Used in many competitions, and by most Continental anglers.
    My best perch last time I went fishing was 22cm, the smallest 18cm.

  26. Team Predatortackle Chris and Dave

    cracking video mate nice to see you out on the perching 🖒🖒

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