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Westin Fishing Lures and Rod unboxing!!

Time for another unboxing video, this time some goods that westin fishing sent me last week!

check them out –

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  1. "I'm trying to be careful…..now, where's my saw to cut this parcel tape" 😂😂😂😂

  2. Yep I’m gonna invest in that rod!

  3. Great stuff! :)Now you can send me that Daiwa rod :) :)

  4. I am really surprised you are replacing, the daiwa already. Actually looking to buy that rod myself. Why do you prefer this rod?

    • It has a really fast action which I like, you can feel the bites much better and makes playing the fish much more fun, even the small ones

  5. Ercse Nagy Csaba Szilard

    I am new in pike fishing and i want to now what is the difference between powercast and powershad.

  6. More unboxings!

  7. 7 jelouse dislikes 😂 nice vid mate

  8. Łukasz Kościukiewicz

    Regards from Poland ! Natural pike color rules ! in PL too !

  9. Fraser McAllister fishing

    Love your lure review vids u should get a tank to demo them for us 👌😃

  10. Have you done the Freddy frog video yet?

  11. Does this rod closes completely or not? please reply.

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