Monday , January 27 2020
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Which Country Has The BEST ANGLERS? NETHERLANDS vs SWEDEN (Zander + Perch)

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  1. Järnklon Blodström

    Heja Team Galant. Dom är bäst

  2. Always hyped for a new video👍

  3. Bass The North

    Nice 1V1.. to keep the peace I call a tie!

  4. Järnklon Blodström

    Äntligen en gösvideo

  5. Netherlands are Best!

  6. Montana

  7. Don’t @ me

  8. Wayne Brotherston

    Ireland ……!

  9. Tobias är bäst!!!🇸🇪

  10. Sébastien Lugrin

    Superbe équipe MILLE ! !🐟

  11. Andreas Kristöfl

    Swedish anglers are the best 😂 funny video

  12. Patrick Harris

    "coffee" shop in Amsterdam huh. I saw that nervous giggle

  13. Martin Andersson

    Ta hjälp av Jörgen larsson så har ni Sveriges bästa fiskare!

  14. Allround fishingteam

    Nice endproduction!🤩🏆

  15. For boat spinning best anglers in the world is Lithuania for last 5 years (Fipsed: CARNIVOROUS ARTIFICIAL BAIT BOAT ANGLING). Lithuania-Ukraine-France. Sweden or Netherlands does not reach TOP 18 . Check World rankings..If you disagreeing – change it in world championships, not in kanalgratis friend's boats.

  16. Michael Almquist

    Härliga dessa videos är grabbar tack igen :)

  17. Ta hjälp av Jörgen Larsson! Han är Sverige's bäste aborrfiskare!!

  18. 🤫 the best anglers come from portugal 😎😜🤙

  19. Came to Serbia, i want to see how u guys perform there!

  20. owen van boven

    Wat een Engels van Marco he

  21. Leuke video!!

  22. sweden vs barschalarm (dustin schoene) ;D

  23. SWEDEN Vs GERMANY 😀😀😀😀💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  24. Rhein Räuber Tv by Izy Perch

    👍🏼👊🏼😎 Nice

  25. Joel Nilsson Hedekäll

    cant imagine a less inspiring place to fish at. might be great but damn…

  26. You are all wrong.. without any doubt Scotland has the best fisherman 😀😀😀

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