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Winter Carp Fishing Tanyard Fishery

In this video we go carp fishing at our local Tanyard Fishery and catch some big carp. We also show our tactics for winter carp fishing. Enjoy!
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  1. What rods are you guys using atm? 🎣

  2. Guys I've been watching some of your older videos and I think that you should do something like The Park Lake Campaign again as I really enjoyed watching it over again. Have a good day and keep up the good work!

  3. Cracking vid lads thumbs up !

  4. Love the Vids. Your session on Redmire reminded me of an old show called "Passion for Angling"

  5. Andrius Dirmantas

    nice video.
    check my lithuanian channel about fishing. ''Man kimba''
    thank you…

  6. You Guys are infectious, Your Videos are awesome, I live in Sussex and maybe I will bump into you guys one day and make you a brew.

  7. Sam Richardson 10

    Carl and Alex would you like to come over to the north of England to fish some different venues

  8. Robert Fairhurst

    4:10 to 4:20 massive weed grinder for boilies hahaha

  9. Grace fishing videos

    Good video Carl and Alex iv only just started out fishing so I was just wondering if u could do some float fishing thanks.😊

    • Carl and Alex Fishing

      +Grace fishing videos We filmed a float fishing video today! :) We will keep people notified of when it's going live on our Facebook and Instagram :)

  10. Hi guys me and my friends are staring our own fishing youtube channel and i was wondering where you find your choices of music from?

  11. Grace fishing videos

    ok thanks like I mean like to run through the float set up and stuff but anyway I follow u on instagram

  12. beautiful fish and video as always, looking forwards to seeing more of your endeavors this season !

  13. hey great video guys. can u guys pleeeeease tell me what kind of reels u have on your rods? thank u

  14. 2fast4u Gottagofast guy

    You dudes are awesome and have really made me enjoy carp fishing more then coarse fishing

  15. Keep up the good work guys and good luck for the next session you do🎣😝

  16. secret squirrel

    you guys should watch carpking, been doing blogs a lot longer than most, you may even learn some manners..

  17. another great film from you guys . great stuff

  18. Have a look at the ugo 2 inox rod pod it is aweome

  19. Fantastic Fishing

    BTW Carl and Alex I want to thank you for giving me the tips to catch my first double figure carp last week I couldn't have done it without the help of you guys! Now just gotta get my twenty! Go check out the update video on my channel to see it…

  20. _Huey Bickers_

    what do you use as your mainline ?

  21. You two set a "STANDARD" for me, with what I like to see in a fishing show. I believe your channel will become an international favorite. Thank You!

  22. We should get together for a session! I'm a angler from the states, and would love too have the opportunity too fish with the both of you'!

  23. Javier Palomino

    I love your videos! Thank you!

  24. teez in the UK

    subed a year ago never missed an upload

  25. teez in the UK

    subed a year ago never missed an upload

  26. charlotte Refoy

    good fish guys.

  27. The Astute Angler

    Great vids guys!  May I ask what camera you're recording with?

  28. carpaholics 345

    Look at the lips on penny scale!

  29. You are making very good carpfishing videos

  30. Hola que camara utilizas para grabar¿

  31. Lewis and Charlie Fishing

    hi good video

  32. Can you show us how to tie a maggot hair rig

  33. maybe try doing some videos on small carp you know, carp under 10lb

  34. You are my favourite YouTuber

  35. Legendary guys well done.

  36. Stunning mirror at 14:40 :) nice angling guys !
    What is the song at 6:50 so beautifull <3 :D

  37. Amaizing plz message me back

  38. thomas harris jones

    how do u tie a maggot ball or what ever u was usinging

  39. What's the biggest carp you've caught I started fishing because of you guys thank you

  40. what tanyards do u go to and can we go fishing together because i love your vidioes

  41. You are so lucky to catch that much big fish 👍👍

  42. Fantastic Fishing

    what is the song at 0:01 called

  43. Do another winter video at tanyards, great video anyways ;)

  44. Haza's Fishing Expeditions

    I'm trying to catch my first 20lb carp, can you give me any advice? I have the perfect venue and gear up to the job, but not sure about tactics and rigs?

  45. I might be going to tanyards soon and was wondering what lake would you recommend fishing ?

  46. hiya am thinking to do Carp fishing but unsure rather to pick coarse . i want to catch Carp for bugger fish than Roach and f1's , but my family are all for coarse . im my area i have a lot of local venues for carp and even a free lake where they reach 19lb. I have a budge of £420 and hoping to do carping but have no clue depending tackle box and what to put in it , i get my inspiration from watching your videos and amazing Carp. what setup would you suggest ? Thanks to anyone who replys in adavnce😊

  47. Great Video lads ive always done well with 10mm boilies in winter :)

  48. What happens if the only small fish is roach

  49. didn't even wash his hand after touching the maggots…right there ia a real fishermen…

  50. What's the best video editors for beginners

  51. what lake is that at tanyard ?

  52. Hello how do u tie your maggots like that

  53. How do you put the maggots on the hair?

  54. What rod and reel you both use and models
    Thanks guys good vid

  55. Hi guys! What fishing line would you guys recommend to buy for carp fishing? Going to a pond that’s well stocked with anything from 15-30+ lb?

  56. What brolly is that thanks

  57. Christopher Inwood

    What are the depths on speci lake 1 been trying to work it out

  58. What size are those but grips small or large. As I have just purchased some cork handle rods and don't think my current ones will fit and liked the look of those ones you have

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