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WTF Happened to These Pike?! 😱 (WEIRD PIKE BEHAVIOUR)

Super strange pike behaviour filmed in a small Swedish river during the spring. What are they doing?! Do you have any idea? Leave a comment!

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Filmed by Patrik Pettersson:

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  1. They are swimming

  2. Viggo Henelius

    Training for a marathon. It's like running up a hill. Logical 😁

  3. I'm pretty sure it's oxygen shortage. Almost all fish species behave like this, when oxygen is low. In the flow, at the surface.

    During warm periods an algeabloom or plant explosion can cause an oxygen shortage over night. When the plants use oxygen.

    After heavy rain, a drainoverflow can cause an oxygen shortage. When all the biological matter gets broken down, the proces uses a lot of oxygen.

    In spring a lake turnover can cause an oxygen shortage in deep lakes. The thermocline disapears and low oxygen water from the deep is mixed with warm water from the surface.

  4. The water is very murky, maybe it carries lots od debris after heavy raining or sth and fish go up to the surface to find clear water and be able to "breath" normally; moving to spawning area does not explain the fact that so big fish are so close to the surface so it has to be sth else than just spawning

  5. Андрей Мизунов

    Pike rises to spawn in front of the dam. Prepares to jump through the dam.

  6. These pike is teasing anglers!

  7. Dom simmar ;)

  8. Just chillin with the squad

  9. C'est la fraie, tout simplement

  10. WorldWide Fishing

    I'm not sure as to whether it's pre-spawn behaviour or just a rare phenomenon but it looks very similar to what some musky do when they regroup into shoals near dams (

  11. Vilar sig efter allt snusk kanske :) Skulle verkligen uppskatta lite färskt gummi <3

  12. Warm water outflow !
    Sweden is a cold F*ckin place :)

  13. Without full context of situation difficult to say, poor water conditions seem unlikely as there are no other fish present acting the same way, similarly as no bait fish can be seen unlikely to be corralling ready for a feeding spree, can only assume that due to time of year and their colour that it is some form of pre-spawning activity possibly heading to spawning areas all reacting to optimal conditions.

  14. themultifreak8

    Working on those bikini lines.

  15. In my eyes it's pre spawning behaviour

  16. arnaud fishing

    i would say that they are going upstream to spawn or that they are dying from a lack of oxygen but there is current so the hypothesis of the lack of oxygen doesn't seems like the good option.

  17. They have been eating too much trout so they start going up stream like trouts but they aren't that good at it yet😆

  18. It pretty much looks like they are trying to get upstream!?

  19. Spawning

  20. Pike team meeting on how to recognize real baits vs kanalgratis baits :)

  21. Making their way up the river to spawn!

  22. just chilling

  23. Låg syrehalt i vattnet i mitten av leken, kan tänka mig att de försöker förflytta sig medans lek

  24. Marcus Bengtson


  25. Maybe a pollution in the river, so low oxygen….. what do you think?

  26. As hunter flannigan said, we build shit and fish suffers from that. and they are swimming on topwater becouse of cold water at the bottom and sun is warming their body to move in hard streams.

  27. low oxygen

  28. Those pike are there waiting for a Pig Shad Jr.

  29. Dem solar

  30. Rafał Karkoszka

    having a cigarette after spawning rutine ;)

  31. Rasmus Jonsson

    Dom söker efter en lekplats där dom kan leka och lägga sina rom!

  32. Spawning

  33. Tobias Johansson

    Måste vara ett lekbeteende. Skulle det vara lågt syre eller förorening borde man se andra fiskarter som drabbats också kan tyckas?!

  34. Maybe a shortage of oxygen in the water?

  35. kanske solar sig. kan va väldigt dåligt vatten. har varit med å sett själv när gäddor gör sådär. i en Å där vattnet är väldigt dåligt grumligt med mycket skit.

    skulle varit väldigt kul å vinna en pig shad då det är mitt favorit bete för gädda !<3

  36. Normally water with depleting oxygen will turn black, so I think it’s a spawning ritual.

  37. They are stoned from the hard sex-month 😁😁😁

  38. Олег Воронцов

    it's elementary! The video shows that the pike are in muddy water. this is due to the fact that the video was shot in the spring and that it is flood water. pike instinctively swim to the source of clean water necessary for breathing. they move on the surface because the water is always more dirty at the bottom

  39. Herman Henriksen

    They are searching for areas with more oxygen, they are swimming towards areas with more flowing warer beacuse those areas hold more oxygen and the fish choose an easier way to travel by swimming in the surface.

  40. Mille is a hunter. He should have recognised a driven hunt 😉

  41. Jason Ratchford

    if it was due to stress the pike wouldn't be the only species showing signs so I would guess some spawning activity

  42. they enjoying the nice weather and cruising

  43. Make Love ♥♥👍👍

  44. I think in water very low oxygen level😞 Agricultural or industrial chemical, who consuming oxygen

  45. Low oxygen level? Very weird behaviour indeed… 😮 Or they are just trying to get upstream to spawn ☝ Edit: Kinda same with salmon and every fish when it's spawning time 👌

  46. Brian Boye petersen

    waiting for the doors to open, to the speciel room at the pussycat club

  47. I agree they are moving to New waters after they have spawned. You can see some marks and cuts on the males , that makes me believe they are finished their spawn and if there are any obstructions in their path to the New waters they will start to pile up in certain areas. Un like trout and salmon, pike are not very good about jumping and clearing obstacles.
    But that's just my two cents. Very very cool footage. Thanks,

  48. Probably spawning, right time of year. Looks like they are swiming upstream which would mean they are in good health. Great footage.

  49. When its May water temperature has risen so thats the signal to move to deeper water after spawning. Perhaps they gather in this area and as soon as one or a few of them start to move the others get into motion too. Greets :)

  50. mayby trying to find a mate

  51. I think they’re struggling to breath, I’ve seen fish in aquariums doing similar, coming to the surface for oxygen. Maybe some sort of change in the water they don’t like.

  52. they look sick to me, i see some spots on few of them, seen it before, but weird that they are a group tho, a tricky one.

  53. Frederico Vogt

    I think its spawning behavior. I saw pike like this last year in a german river!

  54. Its mayby really shallow?!

  55. I also think it is spawning because it's spawning time in here

  56. robin olofsson

    Kanske så mycket underström nere på botten så dom håller sig på ytan?

  57. Alejandro Jongen

    its a family

  58. They are maybe solar nu vet inte jag va de är på engelska men Aa!😊

  59. they are hanging out together

  60. Paul Lubinetzki

    I would guess, that the pikes are standing for sparing. They can’t go over the dam upstream and so they gather.
    Because of the dam, the water must have enough oxygen.

  61. Looks like they have red fins and flanks…could be a lack of oxygen in the water.
    They could also get this way when they're stressed from a long hard fight on the other side of our rods..ever noticed?

  62. Is a lot of fight in pike spawning, not looking like it, have two teories (both might be wrong) the water is still cold and they look for warmer water up or the bad one is the water is… wrong (low oxigen or some chemicals in the water)

  63. they moving to there spawning ground , swiming in group is not so rare in the spring

  64. They look more like muskies than pike ! I saw a video of muskies stacking up like this under a weir . They were behaving like this and every now and then one would try to jump over the sill of the weir . They were getting pretty smashed up trying to get up river. Apparently they were trying to get to their spawning grounds . It's on YouTube somewhere if anyone can be arsed to have a search 😶

  65. Looks like they are swimming🤔

  66. I think it‘s just the poor water quality. But I think it can’t really be the oxygen because we do see bubbles on the surface! And I would love to win the bait!!

  67. kyle strickland

    moving towards more oxygen rich water?

  68. kyle strickland

    moving towards more oxygen rich water?

  69. Might be in cause of bad water quality. Never seen something like this before. Freaky…

  70. Alexander Uppling

    Think they are heading to the spaning point

  71. Sånt har jag sett gädda göra när dom följer efter betesfisk eller söker. i mitt fall va det när dom följde efter en grupp med id.

  72. Reasonable Tech Reviewer

    The pike population in that river/lake have probably through natural selection and evolution found a way to cooperate and start to hunt in a school. xD ((To clarify this is just a joke))

  73. Elias Peltokorpi

    Migrating to spawn, probably warmer, cleaner or more oxygen rich water near the surface

  74. Ganska säker på att det finns ett vandringshinder just uppströms platsen där detta har filmats. Har observerat det på flera olika platser. Kanske något som går att åtgärda? Tipsa Sportfiskarnas Rovfiskprojekt!

  75. Pedro Gonçalves

    Probably low oxigen. Or preparing orgy…

  76. Probably they are blending in trying to look like salmon , then strike in numbers like pirana on any possible game, maby a bear 😂. Now Idea , weard behavior.

  77. Going home after a heavy night out on the whiskey…… no really… I would guess post spawn migration back to deeper water to recuperate, strange being on the surface though

  78. i dont know, but see this in US near dams a lot late spring and early summer

  79. fredrik johannes

    They are dropping their eggs in the current.

  80. Hi,
    i live directly at a place where a bigger stream and a small stream cross.
    I often see similar behavoir of pike there in the springtime.
    Here they are living in the colder but deeper stream. And they rest in the place where the smaller stream comes into the bigger.
    I think there are 3 possibilitys:

    1. they "warm up", maybe for preparation to spawn or to regenerate after spawning (as we know, warmer water brings up their metabolism

    2. they regenerate: we know that carp sometimes jump and some people think they do it maybe because of parasites. the pikes i see in this example always have some parasites – as many have during the winter. maybe they try to get rid of them (which explaines why the are so close to the water surface.

    3. the try to re-migrate to their former water for spawning.

    I think it is about the warm water because they are on the water surface…

  81. starting to spawn

  82. Just getting ready to spawn!

  83. Ludvig Löfström

    Mabe they just think is essay to swim like that in that lake.

  84. The pike are either congregating to spawn or they are dieing of oxygen depletion

  85. hunting in pack?

  86. Karl-Dennis Nordlöf

    Yes, fisken vill vandra vidare. Kommer inte längre, kan tyda uppdämningarna en aning då det inte rinner vatten över dom vid tillfället han filmar videon.

  87. they are trying to flex så att säga

  88. there hand feed

  89. there hand feed

  90. Looks like the pike is going upstream for spawning. My grandfather has told me that his mom used to go out with a landing net next to the windmil in the spring and just pick them up in the spring.

  91. Looks like the pike is going upstream for spawning. My grandfather has told me that his mom used to go out with a landing net next to the windmil in the spring and just pick them up in the spring.

  92. Erik Augustsson Roos 03

    it is to hot

  93. Erik Augustsson Roos 03

    it is to hot

  94. I think they get more salt for the water on the top there maybe

  95. I think they get more salt for the water on the top there maybe

  96. Dying or spawning

  97. Dying or spawning

  98. This is likely a pre-spawning formation. It’s certainly the correct time of the year for it. during March / April.

    Male pike arrive at the spawning sites a few days before the females are ready to spawn, and can arrive in great numbers, and it can become quite competitive between males which will tend to hold best positions in the most disirable spawning locations, and thes are usually in the grassy shallows holding tight to the bottom of the river or lake in the sheltered margins. Males find a good spot and the conserve energy.

    The fish in the footage are predominately likely to be large females keeping there distance from the males until they are ready to spawn. The big females usauly move down stream from the males and tend to hold up in the deeper more fast flowing water away from the eager to spawn males. This way they are not releasing any chemicals which would excite the males. It’s also safer for them to be positioned at the surface as apposed the gravel bed, as the surface is more difficult for the males to rub-up the females which can be exhausting for them.

    Lastly in the footage we can see the classic V- formation, this is a bit of a guess on my belalf, but perhaps this is similar to the formations created by migrating geese to conserve energy using slipstreams. The fish in the footage are in relatively fast flowing water, so it’s wise for females to conserve their energy for spawning in the shallows when there finally ready.

    Only when conditions are perfect for spawning, and the large females become ready to spawn females make their way up stream into the shallow water attracting a number of smaller males. The males follow the females where spawning will happen in water less than 15 centimetres deep.

    Al Stewart, Horsham, England

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