Wednesday , November 13 2019
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Zig Fishing Advice With Alan Blair – Carp Fishing

Fishing with Zig Rigs can be an effective method throughout the year, in this short video Alan Blair explains some of his theorys and tips to bank more fish on zigs.
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  1. đź‘Źđź–’

  2. Very informative and class as always

  3. hey alan are you in zwolle 2017? :)

  4. Alan Blair do you ever go Maidstone angling

  5. Danni D Travis Baker

    only thing that bothers me is netting fish on own with access line from zig lol

  6. How would you zig fish on deeper waters (10mt+)?

  7. Re upload ??

  8. Do you know the next time he will be going there


    I keep tellin me mates when they are napping in the bivvy not catching… Switch to zigs! they aren't feeding on the bottom today boys …nope.. stuck in their ways and blank , great vid Al.

  10. This is a old vid

  11. Is Alan Blair in a perpetual state of sunburn?

  12. Money grabbing Nash

  13. Wędkarski Haczyk

    Super :)

  14. Great fishing carp.

  15. yes yes father nature sick vid mate very useful loving the tips lads keep them coming

  16. Alan Blair top angler zig fishing is the new way of carp angling đź‘Ť

  17. Please make a German subtile -,-

  18. Not in December

  19. awesome presentation! going to watch alot more of this fella! never used zigs but looks brilliant thanks.

    • NASH TV Carp Fishing

      Thanks Anthony! Glad you liked Alan's demo, he's done loads of other videos on our channel, hope you enjoy them!

  20. DC Mac man flat out

    How dose this apply to deep water 20ft + my local in 70ft at it deepest thank guys

    • davidcart28 you can cast an adjustable zig to where you are fishing and then give line from your spool until you've popped up to your desired depth.

  21. Kevin Nash has always been the Guvnor, when he speaks you always listen and learn. He's rubbing off on you Alan, you both have the same enthusiasm for making changes for the better. Keep up the great videos mate.

  22. This is Me all over I'm addicted to zig fishing just as much as fishing its self. Love the Nash range the Nash videos and the devotion they all put in to fishing great all round.

  23. What are them reels called?

  24. What reels are they

  25. Did he catch anything that day

  26. Honestly the best advise ive ever had

  27. The Norfolk Fisherman

    You got to love a bit of Alan Blair

  28. My mate Roland uses zigs in his sea fishing, he sometimes has a 200ft zig easily, he caught a Marlin once on a 650ft zig rig,

  29. The gezzer is a unit!

  30. Wheaten Zoomies

    Wish there was a way to filter out sponsored videos that are designed to catch anglers and their wallets. Who provides honest independent tutorial videos please?

    • NASH TV Carp Fishing

      We do, in this video.

    • Wheaten Zoomies

      No this is all totally sponsored by Nash. It is obviously biased towards your own gear. How is that independent?

    • charlotte hull

      If you think nash is bad I wouldn't watch anymore, I watch them all and can honestly say nash do not sell sell sell I only hear him say nash bugs once, and if you follow Alan on euro bank he never mentions kit he only mentions his bait and he doesn't even start with nash lol. Try Leon bartropp he's probably the best out there not affiliated to anyone don't know how though he's a good angler and his vlogs are quality, but I do understand when you do watch one and there's more sales than actual fishing lol. Tight lines

    • Wheaten Zoomies

      charlotte hull Thanks have subd to Leon.

  31. this video make me wantto molest a salmon

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